How to save money while you travel

Hi friends!

For today’s topic I will focus on how you could save money while you travel, or even make money! This goes back to the old saying from Benjamin Franklin: ” A penny saved is a penny earned”.

All these tips I found really helpful since I practice them myself while I travel.

Rule# 1:

Buy your ticket as early as possible!

The number one golden rule for travelers is of course, buying your plane ticket early! Although throughout most of my trips I tend to wait until the last-minute to book my flight, it is a bad habit of mine really. The main reason that happens is because I’m a full-time student, plus I also work part-time so my traveling window usually isn’t very clear which usually leads to me not be able to book the tickets early enough. So as for you guys, make sure you plan your route accordingly along with booking your tickets at least 4-5 weeks in advance.

Tip: Book your tickets on Wednesdays since it is usually the cheapest. I also use the awesome power of Google Flight, this amazingly useful flight searcher will show you how much your ticket will cost for each individual day.

Rule# 2:

Travel light!

I often see travelers make the mistake of packing too much stuff. Remember that you’re not moving! Most of the essential items such as: toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream… etc. can be bought at your destination. (If you’re in Asia, they’re pretty cheap already. If you’re in Europe, check out their version of our 99 Cents Store. You can easily find travel size items for cheap. Plus taking out plastic ziplock bag at airport security checkpoints over and over can be quite annoying especially if you’re trying to catch a flight. Pack only what is necessary so that you can have more room for souvenirs! I won’t go in too deep into the packing list since this post is about saving money, but I’ll be sure to create one about my personal travel load out for backpacking. Personally whenever I travel, I only bring a day-pack size bag with me, saves money on not having to pay extra luggage fee and increase your mobility and comfort.

Ascend D2400

Ascend D2400 bag, can be found at Bass Pro Shop for $69.99. Cheaper and also has more room and possibly better features than other similar brand bags such as The North Face etc.

Tip: Most hostels and hotels offer shampoo and conditioner anyway. Worst case scenario, kindly ask your bunk mate in exchange for a funny story! Why not?! I’m sure you’ll make some friends that way plus also do some saving too.

Rule# 3:

Make friends around the globe and build fantastic lifetime connections!

I recently came back from a backpacking trip in Europe. One of the things that I learned from the trip is that knowing friends around the world can really give you great advantages when it comes to saving money. Being my first time to travel in Europe, I knew little about the transportation system that Europe has to offer. Unlike South East Asia with its never-ending sightings of Tuk Tuks, Europe offer a variety of modes for getting around, and they’re quite safe too compared to the crazy traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

After spending some time in Europe, I learned that there are many ways you can get around, either via train, bus, ferry, or even mini van (hitch hiking if you have time and or are an adventurous backpacker!). A good friend of mine who is from the Netherlands, Laura Jacobs, whom I met last year in Vietnam during my South East Asia backpacking trip,  once told me about a company that provide bus service across countries in Europe, especially Western Europe. I was looking for a cheap way to travel from Brussel, Belgium to Amsterdam, Netherlands and she was able to guide me to a company called MeinFernBus, which offered a bus ride between those cities for only 1 Euro at that time!

Due to my limited knowledge in German ( I have only taken 1 semester of German so far) , having Laura helped me with searching for a bus ride and coming up with such a great deal was something I was extremely grateful for. I told Laura that if she would ever come to visit the U.S. I would more than happy to return the favor.

This is an example of how networking and making friends while you travel can really enhance your travel experience and most importantly,  create unforgettable memories!

Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

So there it is! My personal tips on how to save money while you travel. I hope that you have enjoyed this post and please leave a comment or two telling me about your thoughts. Or even tell me about your own tips on how to save money while you travel.

Finally thank you for reading and stay tune for more!


Duy A Nguyen.



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