Welcome to my travel blog!


How should I start this… This is my first ever blog! I have always wanted to share my travel experience with others.

Although I find face to face conversations about travel exciting, I do want something more than just a temporary story, I want something that could be searched and found by others, and eventually shared.

I want to share my experience with you guys, let it be about that time when I was lost in the streets of Bangkok at 11 pm trying to find my hostel, or that time when I ate some really delicious Irish dish at a restaurant in the lively city of Dublin.

A little background about myself. I served four years as an active duty member in the United States Marine Corps. I am now attending school full-time at Arizona State University.

So there it is! My first ever blog post…Whew…I’m really excited about this, and hopefully you are too! Stay tune for more tips and tricks on travel and remember this, why settle with mundane and boring travel when you can get out of your comfort zone and discover the best way to travel, outsidecomforttravel!


A group of backpackers I met and befriended in South East Asia back in 2014.


Duy A Nguyen


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